Zele Performance R35 GT-R Complete Edition Debut at 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon

Zele R35 GT-R Complete Edition   Zele R35 GT-R Complete Edition - Rear

The official unveiling won’t come until the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon, but like many tuners, Zele Performance is frontrunning the specifications. The Nissan R35 GT-R Complete Edition package will include Recaro seats, adjustable height suspension system,  upgraded ECU, titanium exhaust, coilover kit, sport brake pads, Rays Alloy Wheels in black and a rear differential cooler. You also get a custom paint job and lots of carbon fiber, which makes comprises the bumper, mirrors, roof, spoilers, side skirts, ducks, grills, covers and shrouds.

Zele Performance will only custom produce 8 of  the Nissan GT-R with the R35 GT-R Complete Edition package. However, the kit can be bought separately. A 20,000 km, 1 year warranty is provided. Pricing data will be available on January 9th.

Source: Zele Performance