You Won’t Tire of Geiger Cars’ Hummer H2 Bomber

Geiger Cars Hummer H2 Bomber

Regardless of what your opinion of the Hummer H2 may be, we can personally verify that the larger of the two models offered by GM’s soon-to-be-euthanized in-your-face pickup and SUV brand has legitimate off-roading chops. Of course, there are only so many custom touches that can be made to this leviathan, and over the years pretty much every single one has been. What hasn’t the aftermarket done to the H2? If you answered bolt on a quartet of tank-style tracks in place of wheels and gussy up the exterior in a crypto-WWII bomber motif, give yourself a gold star, though even that theme has now brought to life by Germany’s Geiger Cars.

The most obvious change, of course, is the set of four Mattracks 88M1-A1 rubber tracks. At 15.75” wide and 59” long, the tracks serve up superb traction on just about any surface. Wolfgang Blaube, editor of the German car magazine Autobild took it out on the snow-covered Nürburgring Nordschleife in the middle of winter and remarked that the experience opened his eyes to “a new dimension of fun.”

Geiger Cars Hummer H2 Bomber Rear 3/4 View

Other exterior changes include blacked-out trim, a new roof rack with four Hella spotlights, and the aforementioned bomber theme, consisting of a matte silver finish, aerial-inspired lettering and labels, and even some cheesecake-y nose art (though in this case it’s technically “door art”). Interior tweaks include a Kenwood navigation system/DVD player, rear view camera and a roof-mounted monitor with headphones. Would we take this over Ken Block’s track-ified WRX STI? For a family road trip to the Arctic Circle, yes. For other duties, well, we’d have to play with…er, test drive them back-to-back to reach a firm conclusion.

Source: Geiger Cars