Yo Gotti’s Bentley Continental GT front 3/4 view

Yo Gotti Rolls in a Wild White Bentley Continental GT

Yo Gotti's Bentley Continental GT front 3/4 view

When rapper Mario Mims – who you might know better by his stage name, Yo Gotti – decided he wanted his Bentley Continental GT customized, he asked the crew at Euro Motorsport in Fort Lauderdale to give it a thorough going-over. Oh, and he also requested they go crazy with the white both inside and out, because the 33-year-old Memphis native is quite a fan of the pigment-free hue. The end result is an ivory ride that is instantly recognizable as Bentley’s grand tourer, yet the body has been subjected to a significant number of revisions, including new skin over the headlights to make them appear rectangular. Naturally, the wheels – 22-inchers from Forgiato – are white as well, but they also have bronze accents. It doesn’t exactly mesh with our tastes, but if Mr. Gotti (whose next album, The Art of Hustle, is due in the next couple of months) like it, then that’s really all that matters, isn’t it?