World’s Largest UltraLuxum CXL Trimaran Concept Stows Away McLaren MP4-12C

UltraLuxum CXL Trimaran Concept rear 3/4 view

The trimaran is a curious watercraft. It has the width (or beam) and, consequently, stability of a wide single-hulled boat, yet the modest displacement and svelte proportions of a narrow single-hull. It also has a modest draft and no need for a weighted keel, meaning it can navigate fairly shallow waters.

Unfortunately, those two outrigger hulls (also known as amas, while the main hull is known as the vaka; these names are derived from the Maylay and Micronesian words for these same components on early catamarans and trimarans) also make a trimaran take up more space at the marina. As a result, several boat designers and manufacturers equip their vessels with folding and/or retractable outriggers to ease docking. And when you’re talking about a trimaran as big as the yacht seen here, movable amas are pretty much a necessity.

UltraLuxum CXL Trimaran Concept front 3/4 view

Dreamt up by UltraLuxum and dubbed the CXL Trimaran Concept, this three-hulled behemoth will be the longest sailing trimaran built, checking in at 158 feet stem to stern. The beam measures a monstrous 75 feet with the outriggers fully extended, but just 36 feet with them retracted. And in case you’re wondering where the McLaren connection hyped in the title is, it’s in the retractor mechanism; it’s designed by McLaren Applied Technologies, a subsidiary of the same Ron Dennis-overseen group that includes McLaren’s roadcar division and the Formula 1 team.

The styling of the CXL also has some supercar overtones. Collectively, the steps on the sterns of each of the three hulls are more than a little reminiscent of the rear grille and taillight details on the MP4-12C. The tapered, raked-back bow and low-slung superstructure also make the craft look like it’s doing 50 knots standing still. The whole ensemble looks super modern, but the sails and rigging topside keep it firmly anchored (Heh…) in seafaring’s past.

UltraLuxum CXL Trimaran Concept sundeck view

And as you’d expect on a pleasure craft of this size, it’s stuffed to the jib with creature comforts and amenities. While there are no renderings or descriptions of the wonders found below decks (other than there will be a master cabin, four guest cabins and an optional spa), the exterior features teak decking, a dining area, sunbathing mats, oodles of seating space, and a hot tub. Oh, and there is a garage. A garage pre-loaded with an MP4-12C. Because the kind of person who buys a boat like this will want something to use for getting around on land that’s just as high performance and flashy as his yacht, apparently.

Anyway, the CXL Trimaran Concept will make its public debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in Monaco September 19-22. And if the CXL wows the One-Percenters in attendance as much as it does us, you can bet UltraLuxum will have no trouble selling a few of these wind-driven jaw-droppers.

Source: UltraLuxum