Wooden House is Simply Delightful

As much as we love massive mansions or tower-top penthouses located within a stone’s throw from a major city and all it has to offer, we can see the appeal of occasionally just getting away from it all and spending time in a more back-to-basics domicile. And that’s exactly what the artists and architects at Studio Pikaplus created in the countryside of their native Slovenia. Titled, quite imaginatively, the Wooden House for what should be obvious once you step inside, this fibrous edifice packs a full kitchen, two bedrooms, a combination bathroom/sauna, an upstairs play area and more into just 883 square feet. The outside, meanwhile, is clad with ribbed steel finished in black, presumably to enhance durability. That way the owners will be able to head there to drop out of the rat race for a week or two at a time for many years to come.

Source: Studio Pikaplus