Why Luxury Vehicles Are So Appealing

It is something many of us strive for: to drive down the street with the windows rolled down in your brand-new, beautiful luxury vehicle. Whether it be a truck, car or SUV, there is something to say about a sporty looking, fast and shiny luxury drive.

Well as of now, many Canadians are finally getting that dream. A recent report shows that more Canadians are buying expensive cars. With the economy being relatively stable in the past few years, Canadians are a bit bolder with their vehicle choices.

The most searched vehicle: the Ford F-150 truck, according to The runner-up was the Ford Mustang, with the BMW 3-Series taking third.

So why these vehicles? What is it about driving an extravagant and expensive car that is so appealing?

It’s Psychology

There’s no simple explanation as to why we lean more towards something worth so much money. But with that said, there are a few psychology points about the appeal that helps explain why we buy these things. Lots of times the allure of luxury is in our head.

When you buy something luxuries, it gives your overall self-esteem a boost – even if you can’t afford it. How incredible does it feel to drive down the neighbourhood showing off your brand new $70,000 truck?

At the same time, driving around in the luxury vehicle gives off the image that you are succeeding in life – even if you are not. You must be very successful in your career and with life to be able to afford such an expensive vehicle, right? So when you see your neighbour driving their new Mercedes Benz, don’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that you are doing something wrong compared to them.

More Features – Including Safety

Luxury vehicles tend to have more features than your average, entry-level car. There was a time you would spend more money to have power windows overturn windows. Nowadays, it’s the little details like a sunroof, high-end surround sound stereo or even the stitching on the interior.

But it’s not just those types of features that tend to be better, other features like performance boosts and safety features. Adding on specific features, like all around airbags, blind-spot warnings or other top end safety features, increase the value of the vehicle. So basically the more add-ons you have in a car, the more the price goes up.

It’s The Overall Experience

From the moment you walk into the showroom, to even your routine maintenance checkup, something about owning a luxury vehicle makes the experience feel even better. You won’t feel the pressure in a luxury dealership. The vehicles speak for themselves.

For many, time is money. If you own a luxury vehicle, your time is more than likely very valuable. So even taking it in for maintenance is smooth and efficient.

So with a country buying more and more luxury vehicles, can you blame them? The appeal is there, whether it is just in your head or the car offers more. Either way, shop smart for your next big purchase and make sure it is what you need.