When’s the Best Time to Purchase a Car?

How does one know, when is the time to get the best car-buying deal? You might have never considered timing to be of major importance, when speaking of extra savings. But while you’re hesitating, the other car-shoppers use timing to their advantage, and effect perfect bargains. If you can save thousands of dollars, why not to keep track of most advantageous periods?

Undoubtedly, a good deal depends greatly on season. A concrete time of a year has a number of seasonal factors to be taken into account. All-wheel drive vehicles and SUVs are mostly desirable during the fall-winter time due to poor weather conditions. Convertibles and sport cars are in brisk demand in spring and summer. The lower demand, the better prices: hence you’re most likely to stumble on a bargain, when demand goes down.
Here you see: to become a thrifty customer, it’s not enough to conduct a free car check or know about discounts. You’ve got to act! So, also a good plan is to focus the efforts on autumn months, as for many car types this assumes the end of model year. Sales people accordingly try to get rid “old” models ASAP, and acquire new ones.

You know that holidays are always rich for various discounts, and the most favorable months for that are certainly December and January. While people’s minds are around Christmas and New Year Eve, most budgets are spent on gifts and preparations, definitely not on cars. At this time dealerships stay empty, and the prices, as a rule, are reduced.

You’ve probably heard that savvy shoppers wait till the month’s end, when dealerships try to sell an old inventory out to reach their monthly targets and get bonuses. However, the dealerships become crammed. In this way, the beginning of the month can be preferable: thanks to a low traffic, sellers (no matter, private ones or dealers) are keen to make a deal.
The final days of each quarter (especially, that of June and December) can also stimulate the salesmen to cut a good deal. As for December — particularly, its last week — there are 2 benefits: end of month & year. But note that at year-end the inventories becomes quite limited, and you may not find the model you want.

As most people prefer shopping on weekends, the beginning of week (and also the middle) becomes a quiet time for car trade. As the stream of customers isn’t so steady, you’ll get more personal attention. And the chances that a bored salesman will provide you with a discount are pretty high.

Those sellers, who fail in successful sales during the day, would typically be more compliant by its end. So, make your offer late in the afternoon: it’ll certainly put you in a strong position.