Wheelsandmore Spices up the SLS AMG with the Silver Wing

Wheelsandmore Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Silver Wing front 3/4 view

When Mercedes-Benz and in-house tuner AMG decided to reincarnate the spirit of the iconic 300SL “Gullwing” in the form of the SLS AMG, we doubt that either group realized just how popular it would become within the tuning community. But the fact of the matter is the aftermarket has gone apecrap for this front-engined firebrand from the Fatherland. And with a snarling V8, a slick dual-clutch tranny, meticulously refined chassis and, oh yeah, those conversation-starter doors, can you really blame it?

Anyway, the latest tuning outfit to enhance the SLS is Wheelsandmore. As the name of this German-based, spacebar-averse company suggests, there’s a lot more to this suite of upgrades than those snazzy new rims. What else does it take to transform a showroom standard SLS AMG into a Silver Wing? Find out after the jump.

Wheelsandmore Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Silver Wing rear 3/4 view

Aside from the aforementioned new wheels from Wheelsandmore’s 6Sporz line (20” in front, 21” in back) wearing Continental Sport Contact tires, there aren’t very many exterior changes. The offset black and copper stripes (as well as the black grille and trim) match the wheels’ color combo, while the whole car sits noticeably lower thanks to a fully adjustable race-spec aluminum coilover kit. No body kit, no loud colors or over-the-top graphics. We likey.

Of course, we like the extra gusto under that big hood even more. The 6.2L V8 is endowed with a reprogrammed ECU and a stainless steel exhaust cat-back system (pictured below) featuring remotely-controlled bypass valves for those occasions when you want to wow your date or make your crotchety octogenarian neighbor shake his fist at you from the comfort of the folding chair in his driveway. These engine-related upgrades also add 64hp and 45 lb.-ft of torque, for a total of 635hp and 524 lb.-ft. That’s enough to make this Merc move with substantially more verve, though Wheelsandmore isn’t letting on just how much more verve.

Wheelsandmore Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Silver Wing exhaust system

The company also isn’t saying how much it will cost to turn an SLS into a Silver Wing. We’re guessing it will be more affordable than most rivals’ packages, since no body kit bits, interior trimmings or forced induction devices are involved. If you ask us, though, that doesn’t make this package any less attractive.

Wheelsandmore Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Silver Wing

Wheelsandmore Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Silver Wing

Wheelsandmore Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Silver Wing

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