Wheelsandmore LP850-4 Lucifero Lamborghini Huracan front 3/4 view

Wheelsandmore LP850-4 Lucifero is an Extra Devilish Lamborghini Huracán

Wheelsandmore LP850-4 Lucifero Lamborghini Huracan front 3/4 view

The Lamborghini Huracán only recently entered production, but tuners are already starting to roll out upgrades for the successor to the Gallardo. This shouldn’t come as a massive surprise, since the Gallardo was the best-selling Lamborghini car in history. And with the refinements and upgrades found aboard the Huracán (the brand’s first dual-clutch transmission arguably chief among them), we wouldn’t be shocked if the new baby bull eventually breaks that record.

Wheelsandmore LP850-4 Lucifero Lamborghini Huracan side view

That being said, the folks at Wheelsandmore found some room for improvement on the Huracán. Dubbed the LP850-4 Lucifero, this meaner mid-engine Italian has been given a mild cosmetic makeover, with a thin stripe running across the top and a set of Wheelsandmore’s new F.I.W.E. center-lock wheels (20” fronts, 21” rears). Again, it’s a pretty mild makeover on the outside.

Wheelsandmore LP850-4 Lucifero Lamborghini Huracan rear 3/4 view

Under the engine cover, though, it’s a very different story. Wheelsandmore plans to offer three, count ‘em, three power kits for the 5.2L V10. The first one serves up a mild bump to 641 horsepower (from 601 horsepower stock), while the second one adds a supercharger to serve up a much more noticeable 766 horsepower, while the top package leads to a ludicrous 838 horsepower (with transmission and driveline strengthened accordingly). A hydraulically-adjustable racing suspension system is also available to make the Lucifero’s handling – and, presumably, getting over speed bumps and the like – a bit less hellish.

Source: Wheelsandmore