Wheelsandmore Lamborghini Aventador is a Salt and Pepper Powerhouse

Wheelsandmore Lamborghini Aventador front 3/4 view

It wasn’t that long ago that modifying supercars was taboo. Their makers put so much time, effort and money into making them just right, the thinking went, that trying to improve upon them would be insulting. It was something you just did not do (unless you were a Russian mob boss, oil sheik or anyone else with more money than most countries and didn’t give a toss about other people’s opinions).

Nowadays, though, few people give the practice a second thought. And there is no shortage of tuning firms ready and waiting to tweak just about any exotic car you can name. Take, for example, Wheelsandmore, and this black-and-white-and-rad-all-over Lamborghini Aventador it has put together.

Wheelsandmore Lamborghini Aventador side view

Wheelsandmore’s exterior modifications are limited, but effective. The white body gets a narrow black stripe (incorporating the Wheelsandmore name on the front trunklid) across the top. The stock Lamborghini wheels are replaced with a set of Wheelsandmore’s own alloy wheels (20” for the front, 21” for the back) featuring black centers and white rims to match the body. Tires are from Pirelli, and it looks like the ride height has been lowered ever-so-slightly.

As for the “andmore” part, the 6.5L V12 gets a custom exhaust system with adjustable butterfly valves, free-flow carbon fiber airbox and reprogrammed ECU. The result is 766hp and 553 lb.-ft of torque, gains of 75 and 43, respectively, over stock. That should get this tweaked Italian treat moving in a hurry.

Wheelsandmore Lamborghini Aventador rear 3/4 view

Unfortunately, Wheelsandmore isn’t letting on just how big a hurry this Aventador can be in when you stand on the loud pedal. It’s also pleading the Fifth (or whatever the German equivalent is) on the price of these modifications. Of course, if you can afford an Aventador or one of its rivals, you can, we’re guessing, afford to have it tuned.

Source: Wheelsandmore

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