Sarah Stage clones

Wheel Men of Marketing Genius: Forgiato Documentary…Isn’t, and We’re Okay with That [Video]

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To us, the process of manufacturing custom wheels will probably never get old. The thought of what is essentially a big aluminum hockey puck being transformed, via the labors of humans and machines, into a stylish, functional automotive accessory makes us more excited than it probably should. So you can imagine how much we enjoyedour visittoHRElast year.

However, we’d probably enjoy a visit toForgiato’s factory even more, provided it really was staffed by a herd ofSarah Stageclones wearing barely-there white bikinis. Of course, that’s not the case; human cloning is outside most automotive aftermarket companies’ budgets, and we don’t know whyForgiatowould be any different. So basically, this compositing-heavy video is the high-end custom wheel industry’s answer toThe Parent Trap. Whether it’s a reply to theHayley Millsoriginal or theLindsay Lohanremake is a bit less clear, though that may be because our thoughts are still centered on Ms. Stage’s bum…

Source: YouTube