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What’s the Rush? Take a Ride through Real Formula 1 History with 1 [Video]

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You might have heard that there’s a movie currently in theaters calledRush. You might have also (or read) that, as not just car movies but movies period go, it’s cool beans, daddy-o. But what if you want to scratch your classicFormula 1itch with the real thing, rather than a fact-based retelling? And what if you want to go beyond a mere seven years in the lives and careers of a mere two drivers?

Well, today is your lucky day, for it is on this day,October 1, that a documentary called1is hitting the shelves, er, servers ofiTunes. Featuring interviews from world champion drivers past and present, team owners, designers, executives and other various and sundry movers and shakers intermixed with footage spanning theFormula 1World Championship’s 64 year existence, 1 tells the story of the glitz, glamour and ever-present danger of the sport’s glory days, and how long and difficult the road to improved safety really was. We reckon it has all the ingredients for a must-watch documentary, but don’t take our word for it; watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

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