What Would Hellboy Drive? Edo Competition’s Porsche Panamera S, Apparently

It’s been almost four months since we’ve reported on a tuned Porsche Panamera. Fans of the bootylicious super sedan are no doubt experiencing withdrawal symptoms left and right. Thankfully, Edo Competition has come through and is ready to help us give you your fix.

Now we know what you’re thinking: Hasn’t Edo already worked its magic on the Panamera? The Panamera Turbo, yes. But the creation you see here is based on the Panamera S, which features a normally-aspirated version of the Turbo’s 4.8L V8 and rear- rather than all-wheel-drive. But those aren’t the only differences from Moby Dick.

Edo Competition Porsche Panamera S Hellboy rear 3/4 view

For starters, the body kit on this Panamera – which the folks at Edo have dubbed Hellboy – is considerably less aggressive. Yes, you do get deeper front and rear fascias, side skirts, carbon fiber side mirrors, and a Carrera RS-esque ducktail rear spoiler, but on the whole there are far fewer scoops and lots less resculpting than on Moby Dick’s appearance package. Having said that, Hellboy still looks mean, especially when lowered 1.2” relative to the stock version (thanks to an available electronic lowering module) and riding on a set of Edo’s 21” split-spoke wheels. And the metallic dark gray with neon green accents certainly turns heads.

But Edo Competition isn’t just in the aesthetic upgrades business; it also works magic on a vehicle’s performance capabilities, and Hellboy is no exception. Thanks to new air filters, a remapped ECU, and a manifold-back stainless steel exhaust system featuring pressure-sensor-activated butterfly valves and high-flow catalytic converters and mufflers, this family friendly tuner car produces a claimed 465hp (an increase of 65) and 406 lb.-ft of torque (an increase of 37). The exhaust system is also a full 77 lb. lighter than the stock setup. This enables the car to sprint from 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds on the way to a top speed of 190 mph, or roughly a half-second and 15 mph better than a stock Panamera S.

Edo Competition Porsche Panamera S Hellboy engine view

Edo hasn’t released pricing information for the Hellboy bits, but we’re betting the whole ensemble wouldn’t be too far off the tab for a showroom new Panamera Turbo. Then again, not everyone is a firm believer in the benefits of AWD. And there are lots of people (ourselves among them) who can appreciate the sound of a hopped up turbocharged engine, but tend to prefer the raw, animalistic sounds of an unblown powerplant. Now Edo Competition can say it’s able to satisfy both camps, and that, children, is what you call good business sense.

Source: Edo Competition