evo 2014 Car of the Year contenders

Wednesday Matinee: evo Selects its 2014 Car of the Year

Plenty of automotive publications hand out “best vehicle” or “vehicle of the year” awards on an annual basis, and quite a few of those awards carry a fair bit of weight. However, if you’re a serious driving enthusiast, then the laurel that should most interest you is the evo Car of the Year. The British buff book leaves the minivans, family sedans and other sundry snoozemobiles to its fellow motoring mags and concentrates on the fast, sexy and fun end of the spectrum. And in 2014, the spectrum included a trio of hot hatches (from Audi, Volkswagen and Renault), a trio of mid-engine sports cars (from Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren), a pair of front-engine GTs (from Aston Martin and Jaguar), and one each from the sport sedan and hybrid sports car ranks (both, coincidentally, from BMW). Which car impressed them most on the soggy south Scottish backroads? You’re going to have to watch the video, sunshine.