Wally Yachts Angel’s Share is Heaven Sent

While motorized super-yachts are the in thing well-funded seafarers, there’s still a passionate minority that feels they lack the nostalgia and romance of wind-driven vessels. For this group of loaded Luddites, Wally Yachts (which, despite its folksy, American sounding name, is based in Monaco) has created a new object for their affection: Angel’s Share.

Measuring 131’ long with a towering 197’ mast, this sexy sloop makes extensive use of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials to compensate for its substantial size. And the Wally Yacht designers have taken full advantage of that size, as they’ve managed to fit seven cabins (two for crew, three for guests and one each for the captain and owner), a kitchen and a dining area beneath that smooth deck with the futuristic banquette for lounging in the sun. Sun, wind, water…this boat might be one of the most luxurious ways to go elemental.

Source: Wally Yachts