Wald International Lexus GS F Sport is VIP Chic

Wald International Lexus GS350 F Sport front 3/4 view

Hot on the heels (or at least very warm on the heels) of the introduction of its appearance package for Lexus’ starter model, the spry CT hybrid hatchback, Wald International has pulled back the curtain on a suite of visual upgrades for the newest version of the Big L’s 5 Series foe, the GS. Specifically, this new kit is designed for the sportiest member of the GS family, the GS350 F Sport.

Now we know what you’re thinking: The GS350 F Sport is already a sharp looking midsize luxury sedan. How can anyone possibly make it look any sharper? Well, if you ask us, Wald has managed to do just that.

Wald International Lexus GS350 F Sport side view

The F Sport’s already aggressive front bumper is replaced by a unit that features a front splitter, fog lights, and more pronounced sculpting that highlights Lexus’ new signature “Spindle” grille. The side skirts are a little lower, and feature bold fins beneath the rear doors. The rear diffuser is replaced, and there are spoilers atop the trunklid and rear window. The stock rolling stock is changed to a set of Wald’s own 19” or 20” wheels wrapped in Bridgestone tires. It’s hardly an extreme makeover, but one that does build upon the foundation put in place by Lexus.

However, if you want to build upon the foundation of the drivetrain, you’ll have to look somewhere other than Wald International’s catalog. Not that the 306hp 3.5L V6 and 6-speed automatic transmission are bad, mind you. Nor is the fact that Lexus gives GS350 F Sport buyers a choice of rear- or all-wheel-drive. It’s just, well, 306hp doesn’t stack up so well against the Germans (and Jaguar) with their available V8s.

Wald International Lexus GS350 F Sport rear 3/4 view

Even so, we’re pleased with how this package looks. We wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes one of the best selling Wald kits for the firm’s U.S. distributor, Jonari, and hope to see one in person at a show soon.

Source: Wald International