Audi A6 Avant C7 on Vossen CV3s

Wagon Pr0n Wednesday: Audi A6 Avant Looks Delish on Vossen Wheels [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″][/youtube]

There’s an unspoken rule in automotive journalism circles (Okay, fine, it’s pretty-damn-widely spoken…) that if you want to get anywhere in this business, you have to be a fan ofstation wagons. And if you have a thing forwagonsthat haverear-wheel-drive, adiesel engine, amanual transmissionand/or brown paint? Even better, Champ.

The current-genAudi A6 Avantyou see here may not be brown or rear-drive, and it probably doesn’t have a stick, but it kinda sounds like adiesel. But we’re willing to look past any shortcomings and appreciate this bigAudiwagon’s sweet body kit and20” Vossen CV3 concave wheels. And speaking ofVossen, we have their Ukrainian branch to thank for this delightful video.

Source: YouTube