Wachsenburg Castle Gets Medieval on the German Real Estate Market

For people below a certain age, living in a legit castle seems like a conceivable life path. For people above a certain ages, that life path is pure fantasy. But if you have about $8.8 million to spend on living arrangements and are willing to relocate to right smack in the middle of Germany, you can make your royal digs dreams a reality by purchasing Wachsenburg Castle.

Completed around the year 1000, this hilltop fortress overlooking the town of Holzhausen currently boasts 16 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms within its 43,475 square feet of living area. It also has its own 305’ deep water well, a plethora of artifacts (The facility currently serves as a museum, hotel and restaurant.) and outdoor parking for up to 35 cars. If it was up to us, we’d retain the castle’s current use during the summer (i.e. tourist season), and then reserve it for the use of ourselves, family and friends during the winter months. But we  just looked at our latest bank statement, and it’s definitely not up to us…

Source: Sotheby’s International Realty