Vorsteiner Ferrari 599VX front 3/4 view

Vorsteiner Ferrari 599VX is a Pseudo-GTO to Go

Vorsteiner Ferrari 599VX front 3/4 view

The Ferrari 599 Fiorano may be yesterday’s news as far as its maker is concerned, but that certainly doesn’t mean the world outside the Maranello factory gates should cast it aside as well. Though not as fast as its replacement, the F12 Berlinetta, the 599 is still a mighty quick two-seat grand tourer. And the looks are oh-so-striking, and are likely to be considered as such for years to come. In fact, we prefer its flowing lines and classic proportions to the F12’s angry, somewhat stubby physique.

So it shouldn’t surprise you too terribly much to read that we cracked a bit of a smile when we got wind of news that Vorsteiner was releasing a collection of custom components for Ferrari’s previous front-mounted-V12-powered continent-swallower. And that smile grew even bigger when we saw the collective effects of these parts, creating a final product which Vorsteiner has dubbed the 599VX.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 599VX side view

A new front bumper features more scoops, a mesh grille insert, and a splitter, while the new rear bumper features a taller, wider diffuser/grille assembly with dual tailpipes relocated to either side of the license plate area. The side skirts feature extended carbon fiber lips and carbon fiber rings around the rear brake scoops. Other bits of carbon fiber bling (incidentally, all the body components are carbon fiber, some of them are just painted) on the parts list include a rear spoiler and hood vent slats.

In addition to its handsome body kits, Vorsteiner is also well known for its array of custom wheel styles, so it makes sense that the 599VX makes use of a set. The forged monoblock hoops utilize a fashionable tandem-spoke design, and are finished in matte black to match the roof and mirrors. And those relocated tailpipes we mentioned earlier? They’re attached to one of two performance exhaust systems; one is stainless steel and the other (presumably much more expensive) one is titanium.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 599VX rear 3/4 view

And speaking of expense, Vorsteiner has yet to reveal pricing info for the 599VX upgrades. But considering how it gives the car styling and performance that make it a sort of “599 GTO Lite,” we’re reasonably confident the new parts will give you good value for money. And if you’re buying a prior-generation Ferrari, chances are you care at least a little about value.

Source: Vorsteiner