Vorsteiner Ferrari 458 Italia front 3/4 view

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-V is Subtly Sublime

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458 Italia front 3/4 view

Most of the time, when you’re tuning an exotic car, you want the end product to let the world know about it. Whether it’s wild body coloring and/or graphics, an outlandish body kit, wheels that look plucked from Mr. T’s neck or ears or some combination of the three, only the most hopeless of automotive ignoramuses would mistake these super-tuned supercars for their stock counterparts. And that’s exactly what a lot of customers want.

However, for its new tuning package for the Ferrari 458 Italia, Vorsteiner has chosen to go the understated route. And if you ask us, the subtlety of this ensemble – dubbed the 458-V – is its strength.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458 Italia rear 3/4 view

The 458-V package adds a front splitter/air dam extension, a new rear diffuser, and a not-very-tall rear spoiler. The splitter is shaped to help direct more air into the radiator without making it harder to enter and exit driveways or get over speed bumps, while the diffuser features a higher bridge area that allows for taller vertical fins without compromising ground clearance. And the fact that all three pieces are molded from carbon fiber and left unpainted makes them serve as much as high-tech jewelry as they do aerodynamic enhancements.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458 Italia rear view

But the body kit bits aren’t the only pieces of jewelry; there’s also that quartet of Vorsteiner’s own VS-110 forged aluminum monoblock wheels. You have a choice of 20” or 21” diameters, and a choice of color (In our humble opinion, the dark gray looks dynamite.), but it doesn’t stop there. No, both sizes of VS-110 are designed to accept the stock Ferrari center caps, so to the untrained eye, they appear to be stock Ferrari rims. Nice.

Vorsteiner hasn’t publically confirmed what all these parts will cost, but we can’t imagine it being a massive amount. Well, not massive compared to the cost of a 458 Italia. There’s a lot of stuff that you could buy for the cost of a 458.

Source: Vorsteiner