Vorsteiner BMW M4 by TAG Motorsports is a Beautiful Brute


We get that some of you are bothered by BMW’s decision to change the name of the two-door M3 to M4, and that you’re bummed that, like so many performance cars these days, it’s got a downsized forced-induction engine instead of a big displacement mill that breathes without assistance. But let’s be honest, here: You still wouldn’t tell someone who wanted to give you one for free with all necessary taxes and fees paid “Thanks but no thanks.” It’s still a BMW M Car, and this particular M4 built by TAG Motorsports is an M Car with more moxie.


The most readily apparent change TAG Motorsports made is, without a doubt, adding one of Vorsteiner’s widebody kits to allow the fitment of fatter rolling stock. In this case, that fatter rolling stock is a set of HRE Wheels wearing Pirelli tires. There’s a set of black “ghost stripes” on the hood and trunk lid, while the brake calipers are finished in aqua to match the seatbelts and other interior accents, and an Akrapovic exhaust system gives the twin-turbo inline-six a boomier voice. Long story short, we definitely wouldn’t kick it out of our garage…

Source: TAG Motorsports