Vorsteiner BMW 1 Series M GTS- V Upgrades are Mild but Marvelous [w/ Video]

Vorsteiner BMW 1 Series M GTS-V front 3/4 view

For a limited production vehicle, the BMW 1 Series M sure has gotten a lot of love from the automotive aftermarket. The small, rear-drive coupe is a pistol even in stock trim, but the examples that have been worked over by tuners look even more butch and put up even more impressive numbers. And yes, we’ve seen plenty of those over the last year or so.

But sometimes you neither want (nor can you afford) a high zoot, high content tuning package for your 1M. In cases like this, it’s good to know that American tuner Vorsteiner offers a mild but effective upgrade suite for BMW’s littlest muscle machine. So what, exactly, has been changed?

Vorsteiner BMW 1 Series M GTS-V rear 3/4 view

There are exterior enhancements, but you might not be able to spot all of them right away. The body kit – which Vorsteiner calls the GTS-V – features a new front splitter, a new rear bumper with integrated diffuser, and a new trunklid with integrated spoiler. That trunklid also weighs just 11.5 lbs. The satin black VS-400 alloy wheels are 20” across, though 21” units are available if you desire bigger hoops.

As far as performance tweaks are concerned, the list is limited to the cat-back exhaust system. Vorsteiner says it adds 15hp and 5 lb.-ft of torque to the 3.0L twin-turbo straight-six, for totals of 350hp and 337 lb.-ft of torque. The company doesn’t list any performance figures, but we reckon you’ll notice a slight difference in pep, though certainly not as big as the difference in sound.

Vorsteiner BMW 1 Series M GTS-V side view

Vorsteiner also hasn’t said what all these mods will cost, but if we had to guess, it will be substantially less than higher-horsepower, fatter fender kits. Not, it won’t get you up freeway onramps as quickly, or get you as much attention at car shows, but you’ll still have a blast behind the wheel. And for many people, that’s more than enough.

Source: Vorsteiner