VIPER SmartStart App for iPhone Offers Remote Start, Lock/Unlock & Panic Alarm

VIPER SmartStart App for iPhone

The iPhone application war is like nuclear proliferation back in the 80s, every major superpower in the electronics market is stretching to create the most effective and game-changing programs for this new mobile battleground. We’ve seen everything from iPhone Satellite Radio integrations to parking meter reminders. Now, well-known car alarm company VIPER is offering their SmartStart application for compatible security systems as well as a turnkey solution. This nifty program transforms the iPhone or iTouch into a full-fledged command center that provides remote start capabilities, locks and unlocks doors, pops the trunk and activates the panic alarm.

The VIPER SmartStart app comes in two different versions. If you have an existing alarm system that will work in tandem, it will set you back only $299 for the integration module for remote start. If not, for $499 you can pick up the complete system that provides everything you need to work wonders with your iPhone. The first year of service is free and it’s only $29.99 a month from then on. With both options, the iPhone or iPod Touch has to be provided by you and is not included in the price.

We were very impressed by the ZipCar app which lets you honk (we assume to help locate the car and not to scare passers-by) as well as lock and unlock doors. What’s so cool about the VIPER SmartStart offering is that it can actually fire up the engine. With the way things are going I’m sure our government has already developed an iPhone app and outfitted automobile drones that provide live video feedback, full-on acceleration, braking and turning capabilities.

What is Viper SmartStart?

Viper SmartStart Product Demo

Source: VIPER