Vilner BMW 6 Series Bullshark front 3/4 view

Vilner Bullshark BMW 6 Series is One Freaky Fish

Vilner BMW 6 Series Bullshark front 3/4 view

The second generation BMW 6 Series (chassis code E63 for the coupe and E64 for the convertible) was in production for seven model years and built in fairly substantial numbers. Consequently, the values of these tasty two-doors aren’t all that high, so if you want to get into one, there’s no time like the present.

But let’s say you want to make your new-to-you German luxo-coupe your own. There’s no shortage of aftermarket parts available for the first 6er or the 21st century, but what if you’re of the opinion that the garden variety body kit simply won’t do? Well the Bulgarian boffins at Vilner might have something that will pique your interest, a little something called the Bullshark.

Vilner BMW 6 Series Bullshark rear 3/4 view

Vilner started out with a 645ci coupe for the Bullshark pictured here, replacing almost every exterior panel other than the roof and door skins. The new nose is lower and more angular than the stock BMW snout, with a wavy new hood and slit-like reimaginings of BMW’s signature twin-kidney grille framed in satin blue. And the headlights almost look like current-gen Infiniti FX/QX70 pieces. The sides feature dramatic sculpting on the front and rear fenders, with unmistakably shark-esque gills molded into the front fenders, while the rear fenders flow into an integral ducktail spoiler and partially conceal the smoked-lens taillights. Plus, like the front “nostrils,” the tailpipes, side window and side mirror trim are finished in satin blue. We kinda dig the rump and the sides from the A-pillars back, but the nose is rather awkward.

Vilner BMW 6 Series Bullshark dashboard view

And because this is a Vilner creation, the interior has been refurbished at least as extensively as the exterior. The cockpit is bathed in varying shades of brown and beige, whether it’s the leather on the seats, the Alcantara on the headliner, or the glossy trim on the dashboard. Even the rearview mirror is wrapped in brown leather! And there are bits of blue sprinkled around in here just as there are outside the car; these areas include the seatbelts, gauge trim rings, seat embroidery, and virtually all of the stitching. And while you’re enjoying the lavish new interior appointments, you can bump your favorite tunes through the custom Ground Zero audio system.

Vilner BMW 6 Series Bullshark trunk view

Of course, some people’s favorite tune is the rumble of a healthy V8 engine, and Vilner has used performance parts from the Bimmer whisperers at AC Schnitzer to make the Bullshark’s eight even healthier. The 4.4L N62 V8 now produces 370 horsepower and 385 lb.-ft of torque. Although no performance figures are being quoted, we’re guessing numbers like those are sufficient to get the handsome Z Performance 19” wheels spinning in a big hurry.

As far as pricing for one of these distinctive creations is concerned, well, Vilner is keeping that info close to the vest, too. We’ll just go ahead and say it’s “a lot.” But if you really, truly like the looks of this machine, you probably won’t mind paying a high price of entry.

Source: Vilner

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