Vilner Audi RS6 Avant is One Wicked Wagon

Vilner Audi RS6 front 3/4 view

Although there have been a few hot rod station wagons sold here over the years (including the current Cadillac CTS-V and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG wagons), the overwhelming majority have stayed in their makers’ home market or a group of markets that doesn’t include the United States. You’ll be hearing about many of these in the not-too-distant future, but today we’ll concentrate on the last generation Audi RS6 Avant. With a twin-turbo V10 underhood and quattro AWD, the most extreme Audi longroof yet is capable of humbling many purebred sports cars.

However, this doesn’t mean the fine folks at Vilner are content with leaving it alone. After all, that would be bad for business! And as you can plainly see, the crew from suburban Sofia has given both the exterior and interior thorough goings-over.

Vilner Audi RS6 Avant rear 3/4 view

The handsome exterior, with its bulging fenders, is refinished with a dark, dark gunmetal/almost black top and hood, and semigloss neon green on the bumpers and flanks. The stock RS6 wheels are repainted to match the body, as they are mostly black with narrow neon green stripes around the rims. No body kit has been installed (save a carbon fiber grille surround and rear diffuser), no aftermarket exhaust tips have been stuck on the tailpipes, just some simple (and eye-catching) color changes.

Climb aboard, however, and the changes are a little bit more extensive. The same black and bright green color scheme found outside is present, but the green isn’t quite as obvious. In fact, the most prominent areas of green are the solid green seatbelts. The rest of the green is found in the custom stitching for the door panels, dashboard, steering wheel, shift knob, and seats. Those seats, incidentally, have been partially re-covered in Nappa leather. Vilner also adds carbon fiber dashboard, center console, and door panel trim. All this extra adornment is easy to spot, but it isn’t really in-your-face, either.

Vilner Audi RS6 Avant interior view

Those of you eager to hear about performance upgrades are going to leave disappointed: Turns out, this wild wagon’s engine is bone stock. Of course, when “bone stock” means 571hp and 479 lb.-ft of torque from a twin-turbo 5.0L V10, 0-62 mph happens in 4.6 seconds and the top speed is 170 mph with the electronic limiter removed, you aren’t quite as disappointed, are you? In fact, the only thing about the Vilner RS6 Avant that’s truly disappointing is that you can’t get an RS6 Avant in this country (and that Vilner hasn’t said what these upgrades will cost if you do have access to an RS6 Avant).

Source: Vilner