VIDEO: Walking Eight-Legged LEGO Mini Cooper is WTFing Awesome


Last year you may remember that LEGO introduced a staggeringly-cool set with all the instructions and pieces needed to build a highly-detailed old school Mini Cooper. Naturally, that act resulted in much rejoicing from fans of the classic British bantamweight runabout and LEGO maniacs alike. However, because LEGO model car kits aren’t like regular model car kits and, consequently, don’t have to be built a certain way, it also ignited the imaginations of some very creative LEGO enthusiasts.

One such enthusiast, a Polish fellow who goes by the handle Sariel, took a look at his Mini and decided it needed an unconventional drive system…even more unconventional than the tank track conversion he had already done. After looking back through some of his previous projects, Sariel settled on adapting the motorized eight-legged walker mechanism he built in 2010 to the Mini to create a fairly freakish take on the iconic compact, which is controlled by SBrick. And best of all, it’s hamster-approved!

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