Video: Tesla Founder Elon Musk Uncensored

KPCS Elon Musk Interview

I don’t put much faith in the mainstream media anymore. Not because I believe the government is listening to my brain-waves and controlling CNN from an underground base in a Nevada desert, but because I’ve found they leave out a lot of important information. It’s not that the news doesn’t talk about cars, they do. Hybrid technology stops by monthly, and Toyota’s recall was all over the TV for days. These are important, but so is the progress Tesla is making (leaps and bounds).

Here, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk sits down with actor/comedian/talk show host Kevin Pollak for an hour-long interview on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. No script, no censors, no filters. Just Mr. Musk talking about his passion and determination to design a car that is both loved by consumers and benefits mankind. It sounds cheesy, but he is the real deal. Here Elon explains the future of Tesla, including: Rental cars, rental battery packs, electricity infrastructure and expansion, and how a $25k Taurus is more expensive to own than a $50k Tesla.

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