VIDEO: Superfast! is Not Another Street Racing Movie


It probably wasn’t too long after the first movie was made that the first parody movie was made. What’s more, we can’t really think of any genres or themes that have been spared from lampooning over the decades, so we were a bit shocked to realize that Hollywood hasn’t yet attempted to spoof the Fast and Furious series of movies (and no, wiseasses, Redline and Need for Speed don’t count…). That changes with Superfast!

A product of the same warped minds that birthed such Oscar-caliber masterpieces as Meet The Spartans and The Starving Games, Superfast! appears to adhere quite closely to the Fast and Furious flims in terms of storyline, character appearance, and the like; the deviation, of course, comes in the heaping doses of intentional silliness (or attempted silliness, anyway). The trailer above actually dribbled out on to the internet last year, but the movie is set for release sometime this year, and its entry on IMDb now has specifics on the cast, characters and storyline. We’d be lying if we said we were looking forward to this, but we do have a sort of morbid curiosity about it.