VIDEO: Steven Tyler’s Hennessey Venom GT Spyder Gets a Special Delivery

The Hennessey Venom GT is already an outlandish, attention vacuum of an automobile. Remove the roof, as Hennessey did with the one-off Venom GT Spyderbuilt for rock deity Steven Tyler, and you’ll get even more people to gawk. And this is just taking the looks into consideration; informing crowds that the twin-turbo GM LS-series V8 that powers it makes 1,200hp tends to only further entrance them.

However, if you really, really want to draw eyeballs to a vehicle (or anything else for that matter, frankly), you install a beautiful and/or barely dressed woman next to it. Hennessey knows this as well as any company, which is why the enlisted the services of Siren Studios in Hollywood and up-and-coming Latvian supermodel Julia Lescova to help spread the word about the existence of the Aerosmith frontman’s one-of-one topless Venom GT. Make the jump to see the fruits of their labors (which have been set to Tyler’s “(It) Feels So Good”). The delicious, succulent fruits…


After watching it, our first thought is, “Are any places near us offering Latvian language classes?” Our second thought is, “Why did Hennessey wait this long to release this video?” After all, the actual delivery to Mr. Tyler took place last summer. Oh well, maybe they figured they should save that footage of Ms. Lescova the Eastern Bloc Stunna (who, according to her website, is 5’10” and is a former professional Latin and ballroom dancer) for the cold winter months. If that’s the case, well played, Hennessey. Well played.

Source: YouTube