Sebastian Vettel Tirendo hidden camera video

VIDEO: Sebastian Vettel Punks Repair Shop Customers


Most of the time, Formula 1 gets the better of NASCAR: An exponentially larger global audience, exponentially more sophisticated technology and engineering and, most crucially of all, much faster lap times (though, in fairness, there’s only one track at which a direct comparison can be made – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal – and even then it has to be made with the less powerful Nationwide Series cars). However, there’s now at least one area in which America’s most popular motorsport has gotten the drop on the world’s most popular motorsport: Four-time series champions wearing disguises and using their driving prowess to terrorize passengers for hidden camera pranks.

It seems like an oddly specific category, but there’s a good reason for it: Sebastian Vettel (who a few days ago finally admitted he’s headed to Ferrari next year) recently got dressed up as a bearded, beer-bellied and mullet-rocking mechanic looking to have some fun spooking a couple of his customers. The video (which is entirely in German, but it’s fairly easy to decipher what’s going on from the visuals) is a promotion for Tirendo, a German auto repair shop, tire shop and parts store chain, and while the storyline is certainly plausible, too many things seem a little too perfect, particularly the fact that both of the featured customers just happen to own late-model vehicles made by the title sponsor of the team Seb is leaving after this weekend’s Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, Infiniti.

In any event, the bottom line is Jeff Gordon did it first. And second. Es tut uns leid, Herr Vettel…

Source: WTF1