Romanian drifter Ramona Rusu and her BMW E30

VIDEO: Ride the Mountains with Romanian Drifting Babe Ramona Rusu


As with any other form of motorsports, drifting doesn’t have a whole bunch of female competitors. However, as we’ve seen previously, they are out there; you just have to know where to look. And right now, we’re looking longingly in the direction of Romania, the central European land that’s home to the Transfagarasan Highway and a lovely young lady by the name of Ramona Rusu.

These two national treasures (along with another star of the Romanian drifting scene, Gabi Imre, and their respective E30 BMW 3 Series) star in this sweet video. Yes, it’s intended to sell wheels, but it also does a damn fine job of promoting tourism. Then again, as far as we’re concerned, Ms. Rusu could do that on her own. Seriously, check out the photos on her Facebook page and try to disagree. Oh, and one more thing: DIBS!