VIDEO: Renault Trafic Van Ad is the Shiz-KITT


For an entire generation of gearheads (and quite a few non-gearheads), KITT – the sentient, fully-autonomous black Pontiac Trans Am from the original Knight Rider TV series – is the ultimate car. This is clearly not lost on Renault, which riffs on that Hoff-heavy classic in this 90-ish second spot for its Trafic (yes, Spellcheck, there’s only supposed to be one f…) mid-size van. Renault even threw in a set of scrolling red light bars (not, presumably, standard equipment) and a poofy-coiffeured human sidekick for its handy hauler. We don’t think we’re too far out of line for saying that this ad is actually better than NBC’s Shelby-Mustang-starring turdblossom of a revival attempt from a few years ago (but then again, the same can be said of most Knight Rider spoofs).

Source: Renault