VIDEO: Racecars at Play on Japan’s Mazda Turnpike

Have you ever driven over a twisty bit of road and thought to yourself, “Self, this would make a fantastic race track and/or drift course.” Well, that’s apparently what happened to at least one person from the Japanese magazine Motorhead, for it was that publication that arranged for the Mazda Turnpike (yes, a car company bought the naming rights to a toll road) to be shut down so a handful of competition and high performance cars – namely a BMW Z4 GT3 that races in Super GT, a D1 Grand Prix Nissan GT-R, an HKS-tuned street Nissan GT-R, a Nürbugring endurance racing Subaru WRX STI, a rally-prepped Subaru WRX STI and a (almost certainly replica) Ford GT40 – could tear ass up the hill in the hands of pro drivers like Seiji Ara and Nobuteru Taniguchi. The results, captured on video, are about as spectacular as you would expect.