VIDEO: Paul Newman Racing Documentary Trailer Has Us Itching for More


Most people remember Paul Newman as a decorated actor. Many folks are also aware he was a devoted philanthropist who funneled 100% of the profits generated by the food company he set up into establishing and running the Hole in The Wall Gang Camps for seriously ill children. But relatively few people knew just how heavily into motorsports – on both the driving and team ownership sides – he was. Comedian and car geek Adam Carolla is quite familiar with that last aspect of Newman’s life; after all, he owns a few of the screen icon’s former Nissan and Datsun racecars. So it shouldn’t exactly surprise you that the pope of podcasting is the driving force behind the documentary previewed here, Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman.

As you can see from this trailer, it uses heaping doses of historical footage of Newman driving and discussing how much he loved racing because it was so unlike showbiz. It also features interviews with fellow actors Robert Wagner (who was one of his costars in the movie that turned him on to motorsports, Winning), Robert Redford and Patrick Dempsey, his longtime friend and the first driver of his and Carl HaasIndy car team Mario Andretti, American pro driver turned commentator, author and architect Sam Posey (who was Newman’s teammate for a few years) and others who knew the man away from the spotlights and red carpets. The full film will be available for viewing May 22nd, but if you can be in Hollywood a week from tonight and have $75 to spare ($250 if you also want to attend the after party), you can attend the premiere by purchasing a ticket here. And, in line with Newman’s legacy as a pathological giver, all proceeds from premiere ticket sales will benefit the Racing for Cancer and Indy Family Foundation charities.

Source: Adam Carolla