Drift Stage November 2014 gameplay demo video

VIDEO: New Drift Stage Gameplay Clip is Way Cool, Dude


We’ve been watching the development of Drift Stage – the ate-up-with-The-‘80s arcade-style racing game – like coked-up hawks. But really, how could we not? It takes some of the earliest car-centric video games our 30-year-old noodle can recall and updates them just enough to take advantage of the advances that have occurred in the semiconductor industry since the Intel 386 was the reigning speed king.

Now, we were already planning to buy Drift Stage on day one, but after seeing this new work-in-progress gameplay demo video showing the Definitely Not a Lotus Esprit Turbo *wink* sliding around an urban expressway course (at 60-frames-per-second, no less), we’re massively anxious to play this game. Seriously: Don’t rush things, guys, but at the same time, please try to keep the dilly-dally to a minimum.