VIDEO: MiniDrivers the Videogame Looks Like a Hoot


If you follow Formula 1even kind of closely, odds are you’ve heard of MiniDrivers (not to be confused with the actress Minnie Driver), the light-hearted animated shorts released the Wednesday after each grand prix that recaps the highlights of that particular race in a cute-yet-irreverent fashion. Well it turns out the Spanish team behind MiniDrivers has been hard at work behind the scenes creating a video game for all three of the major smartphone and tablet platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) based on the YouTube ‘toons, and it looks quite fun.

All of the teams, drivers and tracks from the upcoming Formula 1 season are present (though with tweaked or omitted names to keep the lawyers at bay), plus some whimsical power-ups (some you’ll recognize from the videos and some new ones), and it’s all presented in unmistakable MiniDrivers style. And best of all, the game will be totally free when it releases on March 13th, though you will have the option to speed up your progression through microtransactions. Just be sure to take a break so you don’t miss the actual Australian Grand Prix, which is also happening next weekend.