Mercedes-Benz Vito ad

VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz Van Ad Replaces the Birds and the Bees with the Coupes and the Trucks


We can all agree that automobiles come from factories, yes? Well what if automobiles were made the same way we humans and other animals were? Hey, don’t accuse us of being pervs; blame Mercedes-Benz for bringing up the subject with the commercial seen above for its newly-updated Vito van. Allegedly, it’s a van that combines the best attributes of a new S63 AMG Coupe and an Actros truck (Mercedes-Benz’s top-of-the-line big rig for Europe and other-places-not-abbreviated-USA). Couldn’t they have just made that claim, you know, verbally? Anyway, we’ll admit it’s kinda clever as car (or van, as the case may be) ads go.