Video: Ken Block Goes Vertical (and Dirtical) in Terrakhana

Things have been relatively quiet from Ken Block lately…too quiet. Well, it turns out there was a pretty good reason for that: The Head Hoonigan recently signed a deal to represent Pennzoil Synthetics in his motorized (ad)ventures. And to celebrate the new tie-up, Block and crew headed to the wilds of Utah – specifically a place nicknamed “Swingarm City” – to make some gymkhana magic on their most unnaturally natural course yet.

The towering sand dunes and steeply-sloped rock formations were probably challenging enough for Block and his modified-to-the-nines Ford Fiesta RX43, but some of those jumps…those were next-level gnarly. And don’t get us started on the dust; we were coughing up a storm just watching “Terrakhana: The Ultimate Dirt Playground.” Please keep that in mind for your inevitable next vehicular ballet, Mr. Block…