Ken Block Gymkhana SEVEN

VIDEO: Ken Block Horses around in Gymkhana SEVEN


A couple weeks ago, Ken Block debuted his latest Gymkhana video co-star – a very-radical 845 horsepower, AWD 1965 Ford Mustang – at the SEMA Show. And today, the first video in the series to feature it – Gymkhana SEVEN – dropped and, we have to admit, it’s managed to breath quite a bit of life back into a franchise that was growing as stale as the bread left on the shelves in Pripyat. Of course, setting it in Los Angeles and adjacent burgs, throwing in scenes where Block and his psycho ‘Stang pass under a low rider in mid-bounce, perform an Xzibit-approved homage to a landmark breakfast treat and make a quick visit to 20 years ago (You’ll see what we mean…) also helped this flick make a case for itself.