VIDEO: Jay Leno Shows How You Can Play Video Games with Your Own Car

Jay Leno tries out Tag Systems' Real Car Simulator

Last year we got wind of a gaggle of Finns who plugged a late model Volkswagen Scirocco into a computer, parked it in front of a projection screen and created one of the coolest video game controllers on the face of the earth. But there were a few things missing, namely the sound of the ‘Rocco’s engine at full song.

Turns out an Australian company has figured out a way to make your car an even more integral part of the game. Tag Systems Real Car Simulator adds a dynamometer and ventilation system to the equation to let your car’s engine contribute to the soundtrack. And they didn’t get just anyone to demo it to American audiences; no, they hooked up with Hollywood’s most prominent petrolhead, Jay Leno. Which member of his vast fleet got the call? Make the jump and find out!

As you no doubt gathered, Jay’s C5 generation Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is hardly stock (You can find out more about it here.), but the car’s state of tune isn’t important. What is important is that you can race your own car through a virtual world without endangering property or anyone’s life, and even more important is that Tag Systems simulators can be (and, at least Down Under, are) used for immersive but risk-free driver training.

So do we want one of these setups? No…we NEED one. In fact, we’re going to leave you to your own devices while we turn over a few thousand couch cushions in search of the necessary funds. Tootles!

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