VIDEO: Graphic Designer Renders Bugatti Veyron in Paper

Visual Spicer Papercraft Bugatti Veyron front 3/4 view

The Bugatti Veyron is at the top of the automotive food chain in just about every category you can name. Horsepower? Yes (1,001hp in the regular models, 1,200hp in the Super Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse.). Cylinders? Indeed (Sixteen of 'em, arranged in a W-formation.). Top speed? Of course (The Super Sport maxed out at 268 mph on Volkswagen's test track.).
Unfortunately for us mortals, the Veyron is also tops in terms of price. Sure, there are die-cast models out there, but unless you're like us and take great pleasure in unboxing it, opening the doors and hood and stuff, and parking it in your display case, they aren't terribly exciting. But what about a different kind of Bugatti replica? A replica that, say, is made from 44 sheets of paper?

Visual Spicer Papercraft Bugatti Veyron rear 3/4 view
That's exactly what one-man-graphic-design-band Taras Lesko of Visual Spicer did. This might be the first you've heard of Mr. Lesko, but if you've played Forza Motorsport 4, you know his work; he's responsible for the design of that game's user interface. So it should come as no surprise that Lesko is a bit of a gearhead; he made a paper Audi R8 during his stint with Turn 10 Studios to help promote the launch of Forza Motorsport 3. So what's the deal with this wood pulp Bugatti? Check out this video.

In case you missed the stats, this baby is made from 44 sheets of A4-sized paper, which are cut, folded and glued to create 159 different components. When combined, they create a remarkably accurate replica that's 2.5 feet long. And if you have the desire, skill and patience to tackle building one of your own, you can download the instructions and images for doing so for free (as in "no cost to you") at Taras' website. So put down your FaceSpace and TwitaGram machines, pick up your X-Acto Knife and get crafty!
Visual Spicer Papercraft Bugatti Veyron rear wheel closeup
Visual Spicer Papercraft Bugatti Veyron side view
Visual Spicer Papercraft Bugatti Veyron high front 3/4 view
Source: Visual Spicer