VIDEO: The Gear Ring by Kinekt Design

The Gear Ring by Kinekt Design

The auto industrial complex impacts our lives in many ways but doesn’t often produce compelling fashion accoutrements, which makes sense. However, the Gear Ring by Kinetk Design is trying to change all of that. If this ring looks like it’s ready to spring into action, that’s because it’s actually fully functional. Six micro-precision gears running along the face simultaneously turn when the outer rims (which are also gears) are turned. I can just pictures these rings being exchanged during nuptials all across the country by motor-head fanatics.

The Gear Ring is made out of 316L surgical stainless steel, the highest quality found in the jewelry market, making it resistant to rusting, tarnishing, fading and scratching. It also won’t break or bend and is hypoallergenic, a plus for those with metal sensitivities. I’ve always appreciated the aesthetics of stainless steel accessories from companies like TENO, but the interactiveness and functionality of this ring definitely steps things up.

The Gear Ring by Kinekt Design

The Gear Ring is produced in the following standard sizes: 9, 10, 11 and 12. Amazingly, this diminutive marvel is available for the mere price of $165.

Source: Kinekt Design