Ford Rallye Sport documentary

VIDEO: Ford Rallye Sport Documentary is the Cure for Pigskin


Impossible though it may seem, it’s already Thanksgiving Day again here in the U.S. And in between munching on appetizers before the big turkey dinner and fielding questions from elderly relatives concerning such lightweight subjects as your love life and procreation prospects (specifically as they relate to their increasingly obvious mortality), you want to be parked on the couch and watch the football game, right? Of course you do…conformist. You might as well dress up as a pilgrim and try your hand at Black Friday Violence Roulette while you’re at it, you unimaginative bumpkin!

Of course, if you want an opportunity to break the cycle and flip the Turkey Day script, we have a solution. This 90 minute documentary chronicles the story of Ford Rallye Sport, the collective high performance and production car racing (mainly rallying) arm of Ford’s European operations. Lots of fantastic archival footage and interviews with the guys who guided the program and turned names like Escort RS and Cosworth into household names (provided said household was in Britain or mainland Europe). No need to thank us for turning you onto this; you’ve got far more important stuff to be thankful for today.