VIDEO: Ferrari 458 Challenge Caught Lapping Test Track

Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge at Fiorano

A few weeks ago we caught our first glimpse of Ferrari’s newest V8 powered spec racer, the 458 Challenge. We licked our chops at its reduced weight, firmer suspension and tweaked electronic driver aids relative to the street version and how all those changes would add to the car’s ferociousness. But numbers can only tell us so much; visuals do a much better job of conveying how quick (or slow) something is.

How convenient, then, that some intrepid car spies recently managed to catch some 458 Challenge test mules hot lapping Ferrari’s Fiorano private test track. A cursory glance at how fast they move through the scenery indicates these prototypes are quite fast. Like, a scant two-tenths of a second slower than the FXX fast. The soundtrack, on the other hand, is something of a disappointment. Whether this is a function of background noise, distance from the mic or whatever, it just doesn’t…well…watch the video after the jump and you’ll hear what we mean.

You know what? The final product could sound like a hedgehog farting in a soup can and we’d still drop everything at the chance to wring it out on a track. So what do you say, Ferrari? If we wash every inch of the factory floor with a toothbrush we can have a go? We’ll be waiting by the phone, er, Internet.

Source: YouTube