VIDEO: Falken Tire Thinks Small with Radio Control Drifting

Drifting looks like loads of fun (and by most accounts it is), but there’s at least one expensive elephant in the room (provided you aren’t a pro with a tire company sponsorship that hooks you up with free fresh rubber after every run or two): Spending money on tires a bunch of times per year. So you can imagine our bemusement at seeing Falken Tire shine a spotlight on an alternative that (presumably) doesn’t make them money: Radio control drifting. The R/C cars in this video – produced by HPI and wearing customized Nissan Silvia, Mazda RX7, Toyota Mark II and Toyota AE86 bodies – may not produce the noise and smoke that their full-size counterparts do (at least, not without some special effects and editing assistance), but they still look like loads of fun.