VIDEO: Epic Acura NSX Tribute is Epic

Acura NSX custom

It’s hard to believe the Acura NSX (known to the rest of the world as a Honda) has been out of production for five years. It seems like only yesterday that the aluminum intensive, VTEC V6-propelled rocket burst onto the scene and proceeded to make life miserable for Ferrari, who at that time was peddling the slower, heavier, cruder, less reliable and, oh yeah, significantly pricier 328. The NSX (and, to a somewhat lesser extent, the Lexus LS400) had signaled that the Japanese auto industry had well and truly arrived.

What’s more, the NSX neatly encapsulated Honda’s corporate M.O. (which, not coincidentally, mirrored that of founder Soichiro Honda) of dreaming big, asking “Why not?” instead of “Why?”, and baking at least a pinch of fun into everything it makes in a world-beating, four-wheeled package. Lately, however, we and countless others have to wonder what happened to the Honda and, by extension, Acura that gave birth to vehicles like the NSX.

Sure, the company still reaches for the stars (or in the case of the HondaJet, the sky) in terms of R&D – witness the FCX Clarity fuel cell car and everyone’s favorite electromechanical Munchkin, Asimo – but many of their mass-produced wares seem to have lost that certain swagger, having traded it in for equal measures of “Me too” and woulda-coulda-shoulda, as if the company is now content with aping arch-rival Toyota’s recipe for success (though as we’ve seen lately, it might not be as tasty as once thought).

Fortunately, the German filmmakers/graphic designers at Format67 remember the Honda that shuddered at the thought of turning into the appliance-building fuddy-duddies up the road, as well as the memorable cars that the WWSD? (What would Soichiro do?) era Honda built. Why else would they have put together the beautiful, mandible-detatching ode to the NSX seen above? If you ask us, it perfectly captures the passion and enthusiasm behind the NSX, including that of one of the car’s principal development drivers, triple-World Champion Ayrton Senna, whose philosophies on life and racing can be heard at various points during the film.

Don’t get us wrong; the Civic Si and CR-Z are fun cars. But we want to see Honda build another game-changing, spit-take-inducing true sports car capable of blowing the roof off the gearhead elks lodge and prove to the world that it has not, in fact, sold out, despite what those 5-door hatchbacks on stilts seem to indicate. Is that really so much to ask?

Source: YouTube