VIDEO: Drifter Dan Brockett and His Nissan S13 Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Ah, Valentine’s Day…the holiday (which is tomorrow, so you can commence your panicking if you haven’t already) foisted upon the public by Big Floral, Big Chocolate and Big Lingerie in order to pressure folks into spending a sizable sum of skrill on their significant other, because anniversaries, birthdays and every other day of the year apparently don’t afford enough opportunities to reiterate one’s affection for his or her squeeze. However, if you insist on being one of the sheeple under the spell of Hallmark et al, you could do much worse than take the approach Formula Drift competitor Dan Brockett did.

“Officer Dan” employed his S13-series Nissan 240SX, a bunch of rose petals and a saxophone to make the video you see above. No, we’re not sure why he chose the late Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” rather than a selection from Kenny G either, but hey, who are we to nitpick? If soft-ish classic rock and Bush the 41st era Nissan hoonage put your sweetie in the mood, more power to you both.