Grand Theft Gymkhana 3 trailer

VIDEO: DomesticMango Drops Grand Theft Gymkhana 3 Trailer, Shows Us Some Love


Considering how popular Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos have been, it’s no surprise that countless spoofs, parodies and other homage videos have been made. Some of our favorites have come from Australian YouTuber DomesticMango, who has not once but twice used the PC-version of Grand Theft Auto IV (with a crapload of mods installed) to engage in oversteer-heavy hijinks to create what he calls Grand Theft Gymkhana. However, it’s been more than a year since he uploaded Grand Theft Gymkhana 2.

Thankfully, that drought looks like it will be coming to an end very, very soon. The trailer for Grand Theft Gymkhana 3 has dropped, and the star car this time around (as it was in the previous installment) is a very custom Nissan S13 hatchback. But take a good look at the front bumper and rear quarter panels. Apparently there’s only one automotive lifestyle website worthy of Mr. Mango’s Nissan-shaped collection of zeros and ones…and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If there was a way to give transpacific bro hugs without enduring a long-ass plane ride costing mucho dinero, we would totesbe utilizing it right now.