Chris Harris and Ken Block’s Hoonicorn RTR

VIDEO: Chris Harris Discusses the Hoonicorn RTR’s Nuts and Bolts


By now you should be quite familiar with the Hoonicorn RTR, a.k.a. the insane-in-the-membrane 1965 Ford Mustang built by Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s shop for Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos. If not, you should probably read about it here and watch it do its thing here. You’re back? Okay, good. Now, if you really want to get into the mechanical minutiae of this mad Mustang, Chris Harris has the skinny. The man who answers to “Monkey” flew all the way out to Los Angeles for a Gymkhana SEVEN set visit and give a technical walkaround of Mr. Block’s new toy. There are lots of trick bits here, and it’s very much the sort of custom car we’d commission if we, too, were gazillionaires.