B.J. Baldwin Recoil 2 video still

VIDEO: B.J. Baldwin’s Recoil 2 is Gymkhana with Gonads


A little over a year ago, we shared with you a video featuring off-road racing star “Ballistic” B.J. Baldwin hooning the snot out of his 800+ horsepower Monster Energy Chevrolet Silverado trophy truck. For this year’s sequel – dubbed Recoil 2 – Baldwin and his tube-frame Chevy headed south of the border to Ensenada, Mexico (not, coincidentally, one of the host cities of the Baja 1000). Oh, and he also met up with poker pro and social media playboy Dan Blizerian and his bikini-wearing entourage to set up a friendly wager centering around whether or not Mr. Baldwin can get his truck from a mountaintop on the edge of town to the beach inside the span of 20 minutes. So can he? Well if you’d already watched the video you’d know by now, wouldn’t you?